Best answer: Can an average student do CS?

Can a average student do CS?

An average student can definitely do cs along with bcom. … Most of the subjects in bcom will be covered by CS. To prepare for bcom exams too, you can use CS study material and manuals etc.

Is CS tough or easy?

Passing the CS Professional Program is most difficult for any student. It is also highly recommended for CS aspirants to study for the Executive Program and Professional Program through any ICSI-recognised university, offering CS courses.

Is CS difficult to study?

NO, IT’S NOT!!! The reason is, there is no professional course in India which can be cleared by not putting in efforts and hard work.

Is CS easy to crack?

Crack the Company Secretary (ICSI) Exam: The Company Secretary exam is one of the toughest in the commerce stream, coming a close second, if not on par, with the arduous CA exams. Tough competition means high rejection rate, and so, giving it your all is the only mantra to success.

How long should I study for CS?

CS Executive Exam Planning Strategy: Normally the rank holders study for 12 to 16 hours daily during preparations for the examinations . You can choose your own studying hours. Here if you have already followed the schedule as discussed in the earlier pages, it will be easy for you to revise in lesser time.

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What is the salary of CS fresher?

Candidates are only eligible to take the last CS exam three times in their life. Private companies pay new companies that pass the exam on their first try and earn an average salary of up to 4.1 lakhs per year. The fresher ones, who passed the second attempt, earn an average salary of 3 to 3.5 lacs per year.

Does CS require maths?

No, maths is not compulsory for company secretary. … Institute of Company Secretaries of India is institute which conducts exams of cs, cs comprises of 3 stages cs foundation, cs executive, cs professional. After qualifying these three stages one becomes company secretary.

Is CS tough than CA?

CA and CS both are tough courses. But in comparison with CS, CA is a more difficult course. … CA aspirants can apply for jobs like accounting, auditing, consultancy, etc, whereas CS aspirants can apply for jobs like strategic managers, corporate planners, legal experts, etc.

How much percentage is required for CS?

A candidate is declared to have passed the CS Foundation/ Executive/Professional Programme, if he/she secures at one sitting a minimum of 40% marks in each paper and 50% marks in the aggregate of all subjects.

Can a CS become CEO?

A company secretary can be the CEO of the company too, which keeps his/her position close to the board of directors. … So, now you can understand that a CS in someone who is engaged in multiple areas for the effective administration of the company.