Frequent question: What is the most cheapest private university in Nigeria?

Which is the cheapest University in Nigeria?

The University of Ibadan is a federal University located in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria and it is one of the Cheapest Universities in Nigeria. It is one of the most prestigious universities in Africa and it was established in 1948.

Which school is the best in Nigeria?

Below are the top 10 best Secondary Schools in Nigeria:

  • The American International School of Lagos. …
  • Loyola Jesuit College. …
  • British International School. …
  • Julliard Academy. …
  • Atlantic Hall School. …
  • Citadel International College. …
  • Lumen Christi International High School. …
  • Christ the King College.

What’s the most expensive university in Nigeria?

Nile University, Abuja

The full name of Nile University is Nigerian Turkish Nile University, which should already give you some idea on what this school is all about. Launched in 1998, this University showed tremendous growth. It is now the most expensive University in Nigeria with a tuition fee of ₦5.7 million.

Which State University is the most expensive in Nigeria?

Top 5 Most Expensive State Universities In Nigeria

  • Enugu State University of Science and Technology, ESUT.
  • Anambra State University, ANSU.
  • Abia State University, ABSU.
  • Kwara State University, KWASU.
  • Osun State University, UNIOSUN.

How much is elizade school fees?

Elizade University school fees and other fees isnt affordable to the average nigerian and it ranges from n800,000 – n900,000 and it provides its students with accommodation and sport facilities and other infastructure.

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How much is the school fees for Adeleke University?

Adeleke University Provides Accommodation and other infastrucuire like a library and good college buildings, a cafeteria etc, school fees in Adeleke university goes for between N200,000 – N300,000.