How many employees does Houston Community College have?

We employ full-time, part-time/adjunct and temporaries for composite institutional staffing of approximately 6,000 employees.

How big is HCC?

Houston Community College is a public institution in Houston, Texas. Its campus is located in a city with a total enrollment of 57,200. The school utilizes a semester-based academic year. The student-faculty ratio is 24-to-1.

What is unique about Houston Community College?

HCC is the largest landowner in Midtown Houston, with multiple education facilities and seven state-recognized Career and Technology programs. Their Fine Arts and Fashion Design programs are award-winning. … You can take advantage of more than 100 programs of study at HCC with affordable tuition.

How many students are in HCC?

Student Body

Total Enrollment 57,200 students 4,620 students
# Full-Time Students 16,718 students 1,302 students
# Part-Time Students 40,482 students 3,318 students
% Asian 11% 5%
% Hispanic 35% 42%

Is HCC doing in person classes?

Support Services and Coursework. Will classes be online or in-person for the fall semester? HCC is now fully open, with staff available to serve students on all of our campuses. We will continue to offer virtual support services and a variety of online classes for those needing flexibility.

Which HCC campus is the best?

Best hcc in Houston, TX

  • Houston Community College – Central. 2.0 mi. …
  • Houston Community College. …
  • Houston Community College System. …
  • HCC Southeast – Eastside Campus. …
  • Houston Community College-Spring Branch Campus. …
  • Houston Community College Stafford Campus. …
  • HCC Coleman College for Health Sciences. …
  • University of Houston-Downtown.
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How much does Houston Community College Cost?

Tuition 2020 – 2021 (full-time, first-time undergraduate students)

Tuition & Fees 2020 – 2021 2018 – 2019
In State $4,344 $3,360
Out of State $5,460 $3,756
Books/Misc. $2,250 $2,250
On Campus

Is Houston Community College Public or private?

Houston Community College is an open-admission, public institution of higher education offering a high-quality, affordable education for academic advancement, workforce training, career development, and lifelong learning to prepare individuals in our diverse communities for life and work in a global and technological …

What SAT score do you need for HCC?

SAT scores: New SAT test score of 24 or higher (old SAT section score of 440) in college-level reading. ACT scores: college-level reading of 19 or higher, writing of 17 or higher.