Quick Answer: Does Peterborough have a university?

Welcome. ARU Peterborough is a new £30 million university for Peterborough. It’s set to open its doors to 2,000 students in 2022, with an ambition to offer university courses for up to 12,500 by 2030.

Is Trent University a good University?

Established in 1964, Trent University is among the top 6.1% of universities in the world. … The university is ranked as the best undergraduate university in Ontario for 10 years running, and first in Canada for scholarships and bursaries (Maclean’s University Rankings 2021).

Where is Trent located?

Trent is located in the county of Dorset, South West England, three miles north-east of the town of Yeovil, 30 miles south of the major city of Bath, 44 miles south-east of Cardiff, and 113 miles west of London. Trent lies just south-east of the Somerset border.

Is university a protected word?

These terms are protected terms in law. The Higher Education and Research Act 2017 gave the OfS the power to authorise the use of the word ‘university’ in, or by reference to, an English registered higher education provider’s name from 1 April 2019.

Can anyone use the word university?

2nd, the issue is not that the word “University” is off limits. No one can own any words. However, trademarks are product or service specific, meaning that someone CAN own the exclusive right to use, and to exclude others from using, for example, the word DELTA when referring to Airlines.

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