Quick Answer: How many minutes will US high school students spend texting in a year?

How many text messages does a highschool student spend each day?

Boys typically send and receive 30 texts a day; girls typically send and receive 80 messages per day. Teen texters ages 12-13 typically send and receive 20 texts a day. 14-17 year-old texters typically send and receive 60 text messages a day.

How much time do students spend texting?

The students reported spending the most time texting, with an average of 94.6 minutes a day. That was followed by sending emails (48.5 minutes), checking Facebook (38.6 minutes), surfing the Internet (34.4 minutes), and listening to music (26.9 minutes).

How long does the average text message take to type?

There were 37,000 volunteers in 160 countries that took the “text” test for speed and accuracy. The average person texted 36 words per minute. Using the two-thumb method increased the speed to 38 words per minute– and it appears age counts.

What is the most common text message sent?

The Most Common Text Messages

  1. “I love you” is texted an average of 1,186 times a year.
  2. “When will you be home?” is texted an average of 1,018 times.
  3. “Where are you?” is texted an average of 989 times.
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How many hours do students spend on their phones?

On average, teens spend anywhere from 2-7 hours on their phones per day. Obviously when they have more time, those hours can increase drastically. “Often when teens use their phone it can be used as a way to lower their self-esteem but sometimes it can be used for good” freshman Ruftana Beyene said.

How much time does the average teenager spend on their phone 2021?

15. Another study, examining the effects of COVID-19 on adolescents and young adults, found that the average screentime has increased from 3.5 hours to 5.1 hours.

How many hours does a student spend on social media?

The typical student spends about half that amount of time—between 1 and 2 hours—on social media (37% of respondents) and streaming video (36% of respondents). About a third of students (32%) spend less than 1 hour per day on other online activities.

How many texts does the average person receive?

On average, Americans send and receive about 94 text messages per day. That’s a lot of texts! But every single person isn’t going through that many texts per day. The high-volume users – like chatty teens and hyperconnected adults – make up the bulk of this usage.

What is the world record for texting?

18.19 seconds. That’s how fast teen Marcel Fernandes Filho from Brazil typed the following message on a smartphone, setting a new Guinness World Record for fastest texter.

How many texts does the average person send a Day 2020?

Text messaging users send or receive an average of 41.5 messages per day, with the median user sending or receiving 10 texts daily.

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