What is NCAA compliance?

The Compliance Assistant program is a tool designed to help administrators ensure that their athletic department and student-athletes are in compliance with NCAA legislation. … This program, documentation and technical support are provided free to the NCAA membership.

What is athletic compliance?

What Is Athletic Compliance? Athletic compliance professionals work to ensure that student-athletes meet the rules and regulations set forth by the NCAA, the school, and other regulatory bodies.

What does NCAA compliant mean?

It means you are eligible to receive an athletic scholarship and practice/compete with your team during your first year of full-time college enrollment. Make sure to meet with your college’s compliance office to confirm this status. … You will not be eligible to receive an athletic scholarship.

How do you get into NCAA compliance?

The most important step you can take upon entering compliance, or any field in college athletics for that matter, is to find a mentor. It is important you find someone who is established and can show you the ropes. Ideally, find someone who can provide you with information and knowledge about the field.

What is compliance paperwork?

Copy. Compliance Documentation means specific documents or information including records, reports, observations, and verbal responses to establish or confirm compliance with a regulatory requirement by a program or facility.

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What does compliance mean in sports?

Athletic compliance involves adhering to the spirit and intent of the rules and regulations of the NCAA.

What do NCAA compliance officers do?

The compliance officer, in addition to legislative and academic support staff, serves as liaison between coaches and university admissions and financial aid offices as well as the eligibility coordinator.

What is the NCAA rule on paying athletes?

College athletes can earn money from their name, image and likeness, NCAA rules. The NCAA has approved a temporary policy to allow college athletes in all three divisions to get paid for the use of their name, image and likeness (NIL), the organization announced Wednesday.

How do I file a complaint with the NCAA?

To contact the NCAA directly, you can use their online form at http://www.ncaa.com/contactus or mail your complaint to the address posted on that website.