Where did they go to college in friends?

Cox went to Mount Vernon College in Washington DC, now known as the Mount Vernon Campus of the George Washington University.

What did Rachel Green go to college for?

Rachel Green

Includes instruction in wholesaling, wholesale advertising, selling, and customer relations.

Did Chandler and Ross go to college together?

Wikapedia , the “reliable” source that it is, states that Ross went to Columbia University. This makes sense logistically since Columbia University is in New York City and Ross grew up on Long Island.

Did Ross sleep with Rachel’s sister?

Eventually, Monica asks Chandler to help her rub vapor rub into her chest, which Chandler refuses thinking she is trying to turn him on. She does it herself, and Chandler finally succumbs, and the pair have sex. … Ross assumes she did it on purpose and thanks Rachel, who returns to Monica’s apartment.

How many guys did Rachel Green sleep with?

Rachel slept with 19 men throughout the series. One of them rather memorably played by Bruce Willis.

What animal is Rachel scared of?

When Rachel and Phoebe are discussing why she got Joey the drums and spider, just before Rachel admits to being scared of fish, in the shot from behind Rachel she makes a gesture with her left hand without audio. When the shot changes to face her, she repeats the gesture with her line.

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