Your question: Is Indiana University Housing first come first serve?

Housing is granted on a first-come first-served basis, so apply as soon as you can. Make sure you research all of IU’s great dorms, neighborhoods, and learning communities you can live in.

What do IU dorms come with?

Dorm rooms come with a twin XL bed (36 in x 80 in), mattress cover, desk, rolling file drawer, desk chair, wardrobe, and storage drawers. You will be responsible for bringing your own bed linens and pillows. Check out the RPS Guide for a packing list of recommended items. All IU campus buildings are smoke-free.

Does IU Bloomington require freshmen to live on campus?

First-year students live on campus

You’re required to live on campus your first year for a good reason: students who live in our residence halls do better in class, are more involved on campus, and are more likely to graduate. Learn about our residency requirement and exemptions.

How much is IU housing deposit?

Reserve your space in the class so we know you’ll be attending IU. If you are beginning your studies in the fall, your $100 enrollment deposit is due by May 1. Please note that the deposit is nonrefundable and will be credited toward your first-semester tuition expenses.

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What are the best dorms at Indiana University?

What are the best dorms at Indiana University?

  • Briscoe. 7503, 1225 N Fee Ln, Bloomington, IN 47406 This building is near some the athletic buildings.
  • McNutt. 7502, 1101 N Fee Ln, Bloomington, IN 47406 McNutt is one for the books.
  • Collins.
  • Foster.
  • Hillcrest.
  • Ashton.
  • Eigenmann.
  • Teter.

Can IU students have visitors?

All visitors to campus must adhere to guidelines and personal precautions required for Indiana University community members, including wearing a mask while indoors, as well as any applicable travel restrictions. If you aren’t able to join us in person for your campus visit, there are other ways to experience IU.

How many students live in dorms at IU?

Indiana University–Bloomington has a total undergraduate enrollment of 33,084, with a gender distribution of 51% male students and 49% female students. At this school, 33% of the students live in college-owned, -operated or -affiliated housing and 67% of students live off campus.

How much is a semester at IU?

IU Bloomington’s costs are just one part of the equation

Item Indiana residents Nonresidents
Tuition and fees $11,332 $38,352
Room and board $12,098 $12,098
Total direct costs $23,430 $50,450
Books and supplies $1,050 $1,050

Can you choose your roommate at Indiana University?

You may request a roommate, or accept a randomly assigned roommate, or opt to pay a higher price and not have a roommate. Things to note about roommate requests: Roommate requests must be mutual. Differences in cost category and learning community selections, or medical needs may nullify mutual roommate requests.

How long is the IU math placement test?

There is no time limit for the Online Math Placement Exam, although all testing must be completed in a continuous 48 hour time frame. We suggest that you allow 90 minutes to complete the exam. The Online Math Placement Exam must be taken without assistance. Calculators may not be used on the exam.

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