Can you get a bachelor’s degree at CCAC?

What can you go to CCAC for?

CCAC offers nearly 160 programs of study across six diverse career paths:

  • Arts & Humanities.
  • Business.
  • Education, Social & Behavioral Sciences & Human Services.
  • Health.
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
  • Skilled Trades.

Is CCAC a college?

About CCAC

Since its founding in 1966, CCAC has flourished, becoming the educational powerhouse it is today a nationally renowned two-year college dedicated to serving all members of the community.

How much does CCAC cost?

In district Pennsylvania residents should budget an annual total cost of $17,805 to attend Community College of Allegheny County on a full time basis.

In State Pennsylvania Resident Sticker Price.

Fee Cost
Tuition $6,960
Books and Supplies $1,500
Other Fees $1,165
Estimated Off Campus Cost of Living $6,300

How do I enroll in CCAC?

How to Apply & Enroll

  1. Complete your admissions application.
  2. Apply for financial aid by submitting your FAFSA form available online at
  3. Review placement testing information and exemptions.
  4. Meet with an academic advisor virtually to discuss your education plan and register for classes. …
  5. Pay for classes.

Is CCAC a 4 year college?

CCAC has nearly 160 degree programs in over 100 disciplines of study. … CCAC’s academic programs can lead you to an associate degree, a certificate, transfer to a four-year institution and more. Explore our programs in each of these academic and career categories.

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Does Pitt accept community college credits?

Transfer of Credit

The University of Pittsburgh generally accepts credits from institutions at which the applicant has received a grade of “C” or better in college-level coursework (not remedial) that corresponds to a course in our curriculum in content and credit value.

Is CCAC a good school?

CCAC is ranked #10 out of 536 nursing schools in the Northeast Region, and the college is ranked #3 out of 147 nursing schools in Pennsylvania. scores each college based on NCLEX-RN pass rates as well as on academic quality, the nursing school’s reputation and affordability.

How do I take classes at CCAC?

Register for Classes

If you have completed courses in the past at CCAC and have an active NetID account, you may register online at Self-Service, under Plan and Schedule. Search for the course, add the section to your schedule and click Register Now!