Do you graduate after N6?

What happens after completing N6?

After completing the N6 Certificate students need to submit proof of 18 months experience in industry/practical in order to qualify for the National N-Diploma through the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Is N6 equivalent to a degree?

A NATED diploma – on NQF 6 – is one level below a bachelor’s degree. … It is, however, possible to get your degree, if you meet the applicable requirements, once you have a National Diploma.

How do I get my diploma after N6?

You can apply for your National N-Diploma once you have finished your N6 certificate issued by the Department of Education and on submission of proof of 18 months or 2 000 hours* of suitable experience in the industry and a minimum of three years after the candidate entered the tertiary level.

Can I go to university with N6 certificate?

The following admission requirements apply: A candidate with an FET N3, N4, N5 or N6 certificate may qualify for admission to the first year of a diploma qualification, based on his or her seven best subjects for N4/N5 or N5/N6 and a minimum of 50% for English at N3 level.

What does N4 N6 mean?

The National N-Diploma is a three year post-matric qualification consisting of a theoretical part (N4 – N6) and two years industry experience in the Electrical Engineering field. The N4 – N6 Certificate Programmes are post-matric National Certificates leading towards obtaining a National N-Diploma.

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Can I go to university with N3?

The N3 certificate does not provide access to study at a university or university of technology in higher education programmes.

Can I go to university with diploma?

If you have a Diploma Pass, you can study a diploma course at a university or college. Note that you will not meet the requirements for all the courses that they have to offer. You cannot study a degree course with a Diploma Pass. To study at a degree level, you must have a Bachelor’s Degree Pass.

Can I use my diploma towards a degree?

Can I Turn A Diploma Into a Degree? … Therefore, it’s supposed to be easy for students to study for a degree once they’ve finished their diploma. But this is not always the case. You will have a better chance applying to a private university or learning institution to study towards a degree.

What level is a diploma?

Qualification levels

RQF/CQFW Example qualification
5 Higher National Diploma
4 Higher National Certificate
3 A-level, National Diploma
2 GCSE (grades A*–C)

Does UJ accept diploma?

Applying at UJ

The University of Johannesburg offers internationally respected and accepted certificates, diplomas and degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

How many credits is a diploma?

Qualifications: credits, modules and NQF levels

New NQF level Vocational General
7 Advanced diploma Bachelor degree
6 Diploma (240 credits and 360 credits)
6 Advanced certificate (120 credits)
5 Higher certificate (120 credits)