Is Palm Beach State College a community college?

Founded in 1933 as Florida’s first public community college, PBSC offers over 130 affordable, quality programs at locations in Lake Worth, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, Belle Glade and Loxahatchee Groves. … Palm Beach State College offers programs that lead to the following types of degrees: Associate (2 yr.)

Is Palm Beach State College a 4 year college?

Palm Beach State College now offers bachelor’s and associate degrees, professional certificates, workforce development and lifelong learning. Establishing Florida’s first public two-year college in the depths of the Great Depression may have seemed like folly in 1933.

Is Palm Beach State College the same as Palm Beach Community College?

1980 – PBJC in Palm Beach Gardens opened. 1983 – PBJC in Boca Raton opened. 1988 – The Board of Trustees approved a name change to Palm Beach Community College to more accurately reflect the broad scope of College programs and services.

What GPA do you need to get into Palm Beach State College?

Early Admission Requirements

Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.2 or higher. Enroll and attend a MANDATORY Palm Beach State Dual Enrollment Information/Advising session prior to registration of class (es). Submit an online Palm Beach State Application for Admission.

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Can you get a bachelor’s degree at Palm Beach State?

If you want better career opportunities and a higher income, there’s no substitute for a bachelor’s degree. Earn yours at Palm Beach State College. Our bachelor’s degree programs are designed for people with an associate degree or at least 60 equivalent college credits. … Learn about our associate degrees!

Does Palm Beach State College accept GED?

Standard high school diploma from a regionally accredited high school. … A state-issued General Educational Development (GED) diploma. Students with GEDs are afforded the same rights and privileges as students with standard high school diplomas. Approval for Early Admission/High School Dual Enrollment.

Does Palm Beach State College have dorms?

Housing Costs

Palm Beach State College doesn’t offer on campus housing. If you’re not living with family you will need to budget for food and housing in the Lake Worth area just like you would for a college with dorms.

Is Palm Beach State free?

Palm Beach State College is committed to providing students with a high-quality, accessible, and affordable education. Our low tuition, along with financial aid and scholarships, makes college possible for students of all income levels.

Is Palm Beach State College a good school?

Palm Beach State College Reviews

The transition from high school to college is easier with a community college or small university, so PBSC is perfect. The professors care and are available, the staff is kind, and so are the students. It’s a good place to start off at and get the gist of university.

Does Palm Beach State College offer online courses?

Learn anytime, anywhere to obtain skills for in-demand occupations! These high-quality online courses let you learn at your own pace and are designed to quickly deliver specific skills and knowledge that help to advance personal or professional development.

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