Quick Answer: What is the most dominant conference in college football?

Wisconsin finally breaks through to the College Football Playoff. If that happens, it’s a different conversation. But today, the SEC is the nation’s most dominant conference.

Is the SEC or Big 10 better?


The SEC is on pace for its most lopsided decade ever against any one conference, beating the Big Ten by an average score of 31.6 to 22.9. That’s despite the fact that the Big Ten finished 3-3 against the SEC last season, including postseason wins by Ohio State and Wisconsin and Indiana’s big upset at Missouri.

Is the SEC the best conference?

Based on the only barometer that should count — on-field results — the SEC is the best conference in college football. As a matter of fact, the SEC has a winning record against the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten and Pac-12.

What is the best college football conference of all time?

College Football’s Best Conferences

  • SEC. Urban Meyer, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Joel Klatt and the rest of the crew unanimously selected the Southeastern Conference as the best conference in college football. …
  • Big Ten. …
  • Big 12. …
  • ACC. …
  • Pac-12.
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What is the Power 5 in football?

The SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and ACC, dubbed the “Power 5,” are considered to be the best college football conferences — and for good reason. Time and time again, athletes from these conferences consistently perform at the highest level by the time they reach the NFL Draft.

Is the Big Ten the best football conference?

Big Ten ranked as second-best conference by Athlon heading into football season.

What conference has won the most NCAA football championships?

Since 1990, the SEC has more NCAA football championships than any other conference with six.

How many national titles does the Big Ten have in football?

Prior to joining the Big Ten, Nebraska won 3 football national titles and 2 co-titles, Penn State won 2 national titles, Maryland won one national title, and Michigan State won one championship (1952, the year before it began Big Ten competition).

Football (41)

Year National Champion(s)†
2014 Ohio State

Who is #1 in the SEC?


1 Alabama (59) 1-0
2 Georgia (4) 1-0
3 Ohio State 1-0
4 Oklahoma 1-0

Who is in the big12?

Big 12 Conference, originally Big 6 Conference, American collegiate athletic organization, composed of the Universities of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, as well as Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Baylor, Texas Christian, Texas Tech, and West Virginia universities.