What colleges accept Sophia credits?

Do colleges accept Sophia credits?

Get to know Sophia’s partner colleges and universities

Forty colleges and universities accept transfer credit from Sophia courses. It’s a great way to complete gen ed requirements on your schedule, at your pace.

Can you get a degree with Sophia?

Sophia partners with 40 colleges and universities to make earning a degree affordable and accessible for students. Our self-paced courses provide students with the flexibility they need to help complete their degrees.

Is Sophia Learning regionally accredited?

In 2018, Sophia became a wholly owned subsidiary of Strategic Education Inc (SEI), a national leader in online education. SEI is the parent company of Capella University and Strayer University, regionally accredited online universities. … Sophia Learning is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

How much does Sophia learning cost?

Join Sophia for $79 a month and earn college-level credit.

How long do Sophia courses take?

How long will it take to complete the courses? The courses and programs are scheduled to be completed within certain time frames. Allow for 1 – 2 months per course, and 3 to 6 months per semester. Extensions are permitted, and can be requested on an individual basis.

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Is Sophia Learning Pass Fail?

This is a pass/fail course. You must complete 8 Challenge assessments (these are like quizzes), 3 Milestone assessments (these are like tests), and 1 Touchstone (this is a written assignment) with an overall score of 70% or better.

What happens if you drop a Sophia course?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee prior to completion. Please contact a Learning Coach at learningcoach@sophia.org to drop your course and receive a full refund within 30 days of your course start date. Learning Coaches are available via this Live Chat feature during our office hours.

How do I get my Sophia transcript?

You will need your Student ID Number or Social Security Number to order an official transcript. The standard per transcript fee is $5; delivery method and online processing fees will be assessed. Additionally, a signed consent form is required to release your transcript.

Do Sophia classes affect your GPA?

Students do not receive the SNC equivalent grade and Sophia grades are not factored into the student’s GPA. The SNC grade equivalency is provided as a courtesy for the student to better understand the minimum grade required to earn transfer credit.

Are Sophia courses proctored?

Sophia doesn’t require a photo ID, so no worries. (2) No webcam proctoring. … so by using their new technology, they’ve eliminated web proctoring entirely.

How long is Sophia free?

In late March, Sophia decided to open their ENTIRE catalog through July 31,2020. This “all-you-can-do” buffet of classes allows unlimited college credit-earning by anyone age 13 or older.

Is Sophia a college?

Sophia College (Autonomous) is an undergraduate women’s college established in 1941 by Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. … The Religious Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and lay staff form the staff of the college.

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Does Sophia have an app?

At the moment, we do not offer an app version that is not linked to a specific medical institution. We are however receiving many requests for a student version from people working in research and training. … You can of course use SOPHIA while in training at a clinic.