What county is Kirkwood Community College in?

Do college your way by attending our Cedar Rapids campus, Iowa City Campus, eight Eastern Iowa county & regional centers – or study from literally anywhere with our online learning options.

Is Kirkwood virtual?

Online Degrees

Kirkwood offers complete degrees and certificates, as well as a variety of individual courses, online, or via WebLive. As an online student, you’ll enjoy the same curricula, faculty, learning outcomes, tuition, and financial aid as face-to-face classes.

Is Kirkwood a good college?

There is a wide variety of majors, classes, and clubs available. The college also has a lot of helpful resources for students to utilize if they need help, be it for mental health, academics, finances, and so on. … Overall, I highly recommend attending Kirkwood Community College!

Does Kirkwood Community College have dorms?

Kirkwood does not operate its own housing or have any housing on campus, but it does partner with a wide range of property management companies to offer students exceptional living options within 1 1/2 miles of campus. … If you don’t find what you need, reach out to one of our student life advisors at 319-398-7647.

Is Kirkwood Community College Public or private?

Kirkwood Community College is a public institution in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Its campus is located in a city with a total enrollment of 13,906. The school utilizes a semester-based academic year. The student-faculty ratio is 19-to-1.

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What is a Kirkwood?

A Kirkwood is a gap or dip in the distribution of the semi-major axes or the orbital periods of the main-belt asteroids. They correspond to the locations of orbital resonances with Jupiter.

What is my Kirkwood email address?


Log into your student email via MyHub. Use your k-number and password and click on Student Email. Once you login to MyHub, use the student email link to automatically log you in to your email account. You can also automatically login to Talon using MyHub.

Is Iowa City a good place to live?

Iowa City is a great place to live because of how open and accepting the community is. ‘Iowa Nice’ is a real thing, but so is ‘Iowa City Curiosity.

Iowa City, IA Ranking Data.

Civic 74
Economy 46
Education 58
Health 79
Housing 54

Is Iowa a good place to live?

According to The 10 Most Affordable States by US News, Iowa takes the #1 spot overall (coming in at #1 for housing and #13 for its cost of living). Education: Along with being one of the Top 20 states in public K–12 education, the state also has the best graduation rate at 91.3%.