Why are college stadiums bigger than NFL?

Are college or NFL stadiums bigger?

Several college football stadiums have seating capacities greater than NFL stadiums, with AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas, leading the way with a standing-room capacity of 105,000. … (The stadium typically seats about 80,000.)

Why are US stadiums so big?

For obvious reasons, stadiums in the U.S. are bigger because of the larger population and also the amount of land on which to build stadiums, which also plays a huge role. After some calculations, based on the 2013 regular season in the NFL, the average attendance across the 32 teams was a whopping 68,338.

Who is the Number 1 team in college football?

Coaches Poll

Rank Team Points (No. 1 votes)
1 Alabama 1,624 (64)
2 Georgia 1,537 (1)
3 Ohio State 1,491
4 Oklahoma 1,397

What is the largest capacity stadium in the United States?

Aptly named “The Big House”, the stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is the largest sports stadium in the United States.

Largest sports stadiums in the United States as of February 2020, by capacity.

Characteristic Capacity
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