Are there any colleges in Montana?

The public Montana colleges include: three general community colleges; five campuses for Montana State University (main campus in Bozeman); six campuses for the University of Montana (main campus in Missoula); and seven tribal colleges that grant two-year degrees and professional certificates.

Is Montana State or University of Montana better?

MSU has a higher submitted SAT score (1,150) than The University of Montana (1,150). … MSU has more students with 16,814 students while The University of Montana has 10,962 students. MSU has more full-time faculties with 589 faculties while The University of Montana has 496 full-time faculties.

Are there any good colleges in Montana?

Agriculture is the largest industry in Montana and about 64% of the land in Montana is considered agricultural land. Montana State University and the University of Montana – the two largest universities in Montana – host many innovative agriculture and wildlife studies degree programs.

Is college free in Montana?

Montana State University, the state’s largest and fastest growing campus, awards the most free tuition. This year it plans to award $24.8 million in tuition waivers and scholarships.

What Montana is known for?

Check out some of the awesome things we learned about our 44th State.

  • There’s gold – and more – in those hills. …
  • Montana is famous for sapphires. …
  • It’s a great place to “Park!” …
  • Meteorologists think it’s cool. …
  • And geologists say it rocks. …
  • Montana is Water World! …
  • Buffalo, antelope and deer, oh my! …
  • A bird-watcher’s paradise.
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Is Montana good for education?

For the majority of U.S. families, public education is the only option. But the quality of public school systems varies widely from state to state and is often a question of funding.

Public School Ranking by State.

Overall Rank 27
State Montana
Total Score 50.33
Quality 26
Safety 37

Where is Montana capital city located?