How do I contact UTS Student Center?

We’re still here to help! Reach out to our friendly, knowledgeable staff via ASK UTS or call us on 1300 ASK UTS (1300 275 887) or +61 2 9514 1222 if you are calling us from outside Australia.

What is UTS student email?

Your UTS email account uses Microsoft Office365. You can use your student email account: Online over the web (webmail) Using a mail client, such as Outlook or Macmail, on your computer or laptop.

Is UTS a bad university?

It ranks poorly globally (especially compared to UNSW,USYD,UQ,ANU,UMELB etc..) I think this point should just be that it ranks lower, I wouldn’t call it “poor”. By some measures, UTS is the highest ranking university outside of the Group Of 8.

How do I submit an eRequest to UTS?

Log in to My Student Portal with your UTS student ID number and password. Click on the submit an eRequest tile.

Select one of these eRequest categories:

  1. Enrolling in a full subject.
  2. Timetable clash.
  3. Subject Requisite Waivers (use this option if you wish to enrol in new subjects that are not in your study plan)
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How do I pay student fees UTS?

UTS accepts multiple methods of payment for student fees including BPAY, Billpay, Australia Post, mail and electronic funds transfer.

Does UTS do early entry?

Secure your place at UTS before your final Year 12 exams! Designed for high-achieving school students, the UTS Early Entry Program allows you to secure a place in your preferred UTS degree based on your Year 11 academic achievements.

How do I activate my UTS email?

To activate your account you will need to:

  1. Go to the UTS:My Account website.
  2. Enter your Student Identification (Student ID) number.
  3. Enter the required personal details.
  4. Enter your birth date according to the format in the example: dd/mm/yy (any other date format will result in an error)

Is UTS better than UNSW?

At UTS, which surpassed UNSW this year in receiving the second-highest number of first and total preferences, the lowest selection rank for the most popular course, the Bachelor of Business, remained 88, while the cut-off for the second most popular course, the Bachelor of Nursing, rose from 82.10 to 82.20.

Is UTS a good choice?

UTS ranked 9th in Australia at 133 in the QS World University Rankings 2022. UTS also ranked 11th in the world and 1st in Australia in the QS Top 50 under 50 in the QS GLOBAL index of newer universities – those less than 50 years old. The rankings are based on research, teaching, employability and internationalisation.

Is UTS business school good?

QS. … We are the first business school in Australia to be awarded five stars in the QS Stars Business Schools, recognising UTS internationally for its high performance in research, graduate employability, teaching quality and infrastructure.

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How do I defer a semester at UTS?

If none of the above applies, and you wish to defer your course commencement, you can:

  1. Log into Start and activate your UTS email and access.
  2. Log into My Student Admin and choose the defer option.

How do I choose my major UTS?

How do I choose my major? When you enrol through Start at UTS you select your major before choosing your subjects for Sessions 1 and 2. Alternatively, you can enrol in person on campus.

How does UTS calculate GPA?

The GPA formula is:

  1. GPA = [(Sub1 GP x CP) + (Sub2 GP x CP) + . . ( SubN GP x CP)] /(Total CP enrolled) Where:
  2. Sub GP = the subject’s grade point value.
  3. CP = Credit points.

How do I defer UTS fees?

Submit a copy of your Certificate of Application to your Student Centre. You will then be eligible to defer your tuition fees. Please advise UTS of your TFN as soon as you receive it from the ATO.

How are uni fees paid?

You don’t need the cash to pay for university

Once your application has been processed, tuition fees are automatically paid by the Student Loans Company. And there is a loan for living costs too.

Do you have to pay for a masters upfront?

You will usually have the option to pay for your tuition fees either by credit/debit card or by bank transfer. Many universities will let you pay in instalments – often for a small charge.