How do I get a student ID at Pierce College?

Submit an Online Application. Within two business days after you apply, your student ID number will be sent to your personal email address used on your online application. Activate your student portal and email account by visiting your Student Portal.

How do I contact Pierce College?

Contact Phone Numbers

  1. Pierce College Fort Steilacoom: 253-964-6500.
  2. Pierce College Puyallup: 253-840-8400.
  3. Pierce College Fort Lewis: 253-964-6567.
  4. Pierce College McChord: 253-964-6606.
  5. Pierce College Marketing and Communications: 253-864-3230.
  6. Department Directory.

Is Pierce College open?

We are open! Classes for Fall Semester are now in session (as of Aug. 30, 2021) on our beautiful 425-acre campus, as well as in hybrid and online modes. Get info for Fall — please visit for all of the Student Services hours and how to contact them.

How do I send my transcripts to Pierce College?

Official Transcripts can be ordered using one of the following options:

  1. National Students Clearing House. …
  2. In-person at the Admissions & Records Office. …
  3. Via postal mail by completing and submitting the Transcripts Request Form, available for viewing and download as an Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

Does Pierce College have dorms?

Like most two-year colleges, Pierce does not have dorms or on-campus housing. Many students live in apartments or home stays in the vicinity of the college.

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Is Pierce College Online?

What Is Pierce Online? Pierce online learning provides courses that use the web to enable innovative and quality educational experiences. Pierce Online represents the college’s dedication to enriching and expanding access to higher education.

Is Pierce a junior college?

Nine years later, in 1956, the school was renamed to Los Angeles Pierce Junior College, retaining the name of its founder, Dr.

Los Angeles Pierce College.

Type Public community college
Students 23,000
Location Woodland Hills , California , United States
Campus Urban; 426 acres (172 ha)
Colors Scarlet and White

Is Pierce College semester or quarter?

The school utilizes a quarter-based academic year. The student-faculty ratio is 15-to-1. The highest degree offered at Pierce College-Fort Steilacoom is an associate degree.

Is Pierce College private or public?

Los Angeles Pierce College is a top-ranked two-year public institution in Southern California providing excellent opportunities for transfer education, career training, and life-long learning.

Is Pierce College a 4 year college?

Pierce College was ranked the No. 1 four-year college in Washington, and No. 55 in the nation. Because the college offers three Bachelor of Applied Science degrees in dental hygiene, teaching and homeland security emergency management, it now competes in the four-year college category.