How do I see all students work in seesaw?

Why can’t My students see each other’s work on seesaw?

If your class is set to Shared Device Sign in and the ‘Students can see each other’s work’ setting is OFF, students will only be able to add posts, not view any journals. … If you want students to be able to see journals, you have two options: Turn ‘Students can see each other’s work’ ON.

How can I see seesaw activities?

Click the ‘My Library’ tab to view all of the Activities you have saved from the Community Library! You can also modify Activities you’ve saved or create new Activities in your ‘My Library’ tab.

Can parents upload to Seesaw?

Family members can add voice comments to student work, text comments to student work, or attachments to messages, but cannot add posts to the journal.

Can other students see posts on Seesaw?

Links to Seesaw journal posts can only be accessed if shared by a teacher, family, or student account. Links are not searchable. Family members are only able to access their own child’s journal, not the journals of other students in the class.

Can students access Seesaw at home?

The best way for students to access Seesaw from home is with an email address or through Clever/ClassLink SSO. If your students do not have an email: If your students do not sign in with an email address, then we recommend they sign in with a Home Learning Code.

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Can parents see activities on Seesaw?

The Family App gives family members a view of what their child is working on in the classroom. Family members can comment on student work, view announcements, and message their child’s teacher. Family accounts cannot respond to Activities or post directly to a student journal.

Where can I find Seesaw lessons?

Seesaw Lessons are accessed in the School & District Activity Library and leverage all Premium Features included with Seesaw for Schools.

Does seesaw work without Internet?

Yes, Seesaw requires a network connection to work properly. … If you do not have an Internet connection, Seesaw will alert you with a red ‘offline’ message bar.

Can I have 2 seesaw accounts?

There are two ways to do this. Option one – You create separate logins using separate email addresses. You will follow the steps in the previous guide for each child, each time using a different email address. This will mean each child will have their own account and login linked to just their class.

Can parents print activities from seesaw?

Students are not able to print or save items to their device in Seesaw unless they’re using an email address or the class is set to 1:1 QR code login! … If your student needs to print a post but doesn’t have the option, family members can log in to their family app and save items to print.