Which is the largest university in Tamilnadu?

Annamalai University is one of the largest public residential universities in Asia and the first private university in India. Based in Annamalai Nagar, Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu, India, it is also one of the state’s best-known oldest universities.

Who is the best college in Tamilnadu?

Top Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu 2021

S. No. Name of the college NIRF Ranking 2020
1. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras 1
2. National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli 9
3. Anna University, Chennai 14
4. VIT University, Vellore 15

Which is the oldest colleges in Tamilnadu?

Pachaiyappa’s College is one of the oldest educational institutions in Chennai, in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. In addition, it is the first sole Indian college in Madras Presidency.

Pachaiyappa’s College.

Latin: Pcayappas collegium
Website www.pachaiyappascollege.edu.in

What is the HD I rank of Tamilnadu?

The average Human Development Index (HDI) for the state of Tamil Nadu in 1996 calculated by the government’s State Planning Commission was 0.636.

List of districts by HDI as of 2017.

hideRank Very High Human Development 29
District Villupuram
HDI for 2017 0.561
Comparable country Pakistan (0.562)

Which course is best for future?

These best 10 college majors for the future hold promising career paths for students of today.

  1. Pharmacology.
  2. Aeronautics and Aviation Technology. …
  3. Physical Therapy. …
  4. Nursing. …
  5. Construction Management. …
  6. Electrical Engineering. …
  7. Medical Technology. …
  8. Medical Assistance. …
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Which course is best?

Let us start with traditional courses first.

  1. 1 B.Com. This is the most popular choice among Commerce stream students. …
  2. 2 Chartered Accountancy.
  3. 3 Bachelor’s course in Economics.
  4. 4 Company Secretaryship course.
  5. 5 Law courses. …
  6. 6 Management courses. …
  7. 7 Technical courses. …
  8. 8 Designing courses.

Is Amrita better than Anna University?

If you are mainly concerned about the infrastructure, Amrita University is definitely better as it is well funded and a private and independent institute.

Is Amrita University better than Anna University?

Categories Amrita University Anna University
Course Fee (approx.) 10.6 lakh 4 lakh
Placement Percentage 80% 80%
Highest CTC 12 LPA 7-10 LPA
Average CTC 6 LPA 5-6 LPA