Your question: Can you apply undecided to UCLA?

You can declare a major, or apply as undeclared, on your UC application form. For freshmen applying to a major in the College, your choice of major will neither help nor hurt your prospects for admission. In fact, a large number of freshman applicants apply as undeclared.

Is it OK to put undecided on a college application?

Most admissions experts agree that in most cases, there’s no harm in putting “undecided” on your college application. Admissions counselors know that choosing your major is a tough decision, so they’re not surprised when some students just aren’t sure about what they want to study.

Do you have to declare a major at UCLA?

Choosing Your Course of Study at UCLA

Students in the College of Letters and Science do not need to declare their major in their freshman year. In fact, you can be an “undeclared major” until the end of your sophomore year, which is particularly advantageous if you are not certain of your specific academic goals.

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Is UCLA very selective?

UCLA is among the most selective universities in the country. Admission is highly competitive for freshman applicants. Each year UCLA receives more than 100,000 applications.

Can you apply undecided USC?

‘ Even though you can put ‘Undecided’ as second choice major, all but a few USC applicants will be admitted to a specific major. … Whether you know which majors you want to select to apply to USC, I recommend doing some research about all the different majors we offer and the classes that make up each major.

What is a good major if undecided?

8 Best Majors for Undecided Students

  • Communication. Whether you like to read, write or talk, communication can grow your skill set and broaden your horizons. …
  • English. If English is your first language, consider making it your major. …
  • Health Science. …
  • Psychology. …
  • Economics. …
  • Business. …
  • Biology. …
  • Chemistry.

Does the major you choose affect admission?

Does your major affect admission into a particular college? The simple answer is: no. In the vast majority of cases, your intended major does not affect your chances of being accepted to a certain school. A big part of this is because colleges know many students will change their major sometime during college.

What is the easiest major to get into at UCLA?

10 Easiest Majors to Transfer into UCLA

1. African American Studies 55%
2. Asian Humanities 63%
3. Gender Studies 59%
4. Pre-European Studies 67%

What major is UCLA best known for?

The most popular undergraduate majors are Biology, Business Economics, Political Science, Psychology and Psychobiology. The school places a strong emphasis on student research, awarding nearly $1 billion in competitive research grants and contracts annually.

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Is UCLA difficult to get into?

How Hard Is It to Get Into UCLA? It’s very competitive to get into UCLA. Each year, UCLA accepts around 14% of its applicants. Put another way, that means that UCLA accepts 14 out of every 100 students that apply.

Why is UCLA not an Ivy League?

UCLA is often confused as an Ivy League school because of its renowned faculty and alumni, research capabilities, selectivity, and global recognition. Receiving 168,000 applications in 2021, the most of any university in the US, UCLA is highly competitive. … Similar to the Ivies, UCLA has a decorated athletic history.

Is UCLA a good employer?

The Forbes ranking for 2018 lists UCLA Health as one of America’s Best Midsize Employers. The ranking is based on an independent survey of more than 30,000 U.S. employees working for companies of at least 1,000 employees.

Is it bad to apply to USC undecided?

The overall admission process is highly selective, and students won’t be at an advantage if they apply undecided. … The USC Writing Supplement on the Common Application allows students to list a first and second choice major.

Can you switch from a major to undecided?

Changing Your Major After You Apply

Some studies indicate as many as 50 percent of students arrive at college undecided. … Except for a few specialty programs like engineering, premed, fine arts, and honors college, you usually have free rein to change your mind and your major.